Get To Know About The SEO Extensions For Magento 2 Ecommerce Website

So you might have a store on Magento 2 and you are well-aware on how highly competitive the present e-commerce environment is. You might have further realized that SEO techniques are way more important than ever over here. Always remember that schema markup, authoritative content, page speed, keywords, link juice and even the issue of duplicate content is in need of extra scrutiny. It is really hard to come across the best SEO expert for help but you can always get to share some of the SEO modules to work in your favor. For some additional details, you can head towards Magento 2 ecommerce website now.

Improving the layered navigation for Magento 2:

This promising extension is a primary feature rich solution for the Magento 2 website. Maybe this is one of the prime reasons on why this modular is extremely popular among customers. Other than allowing visitors to just browse catalog in comfortable manner, it can serve well for covering some SEO based needs too. This feature loaded plugin comes with filter and brand pages with SEO based URLs within on click. You have unique texts and Meta Data for the pages with filter results. You are free from any duplicate content issue at the same time.

Heading towards Full Page Cache Warmer:

Magento 2 is well-optimized for some faster load, which makes Varnish and Page Cache go right out of the box. However, you might always find some room for the improvement. The extension brings order to multipage website and for Shopping cart design. It helps in sorting pages by their priority and adds them to cache warming queue in a respective manner. All the current important pages are first warmed in first place. Then the cache warming procedure gets automated. You will get an option to call of warming for specified pages. You will have modified content, which is auto updated.

Landing pages for the Magento 2 lot:

Landing pages work as added channel for attracting some of the new visitors out there. With the help of the landing page plugin, you can always gather customized selection of items for each one of the Magento 2 page. It helps in increasing the customer conversion rates. Apart from that, thanks to content and customized metadata along with the SEO friendly URL, you get the opportunity to manage ways to boost website ranking in a significant manner. There are some flexible conditions available for compiling list of items for the landing page. You can further create and showcase customized CMS blocks right at top and at bottom of the said landing page.

Get hold of SEO toolkit for Magento 2:

This kit happens to be a trove of useful tool designed for SEO purposes for Magento 2. All you need for optimizing website for search engines will be performed in this said module. You just have to check out the basic features covered over here. Here, you will come across category and product pages which come with description templates and Meta tags. You can often get hands of the rich snippets with stock status, price and breadcrumbs information as well.

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