Medipharm Labs – Value for the Long Term

It seems as though new companies in the CBD market are surfacing left and right.  The good news is that this creates a lot of great potential investment opportunities.  The hard part…is determining which companies are going to be the money makers.

Our pick is Medipharm Labs.  They are a great investment opportunity that provides excellent investment value for the long-term investors.  Here’s why…

Does Medipharm Labs Meet The Investment Opportunity Indicators?

When evaluating whether a company is a good investment opportunity, there are a few important things to keep in mind.  Among the many important indicators to determining the value for the long-term investment opportunities are:

  • Is there market potential?
  • What is the competitive advantage of the company?
    • Is there a strong leadership team?
    • Are they a niche company?
    • Are they taking advantage of modern technology?
  • Is the current share price undervalued or overvalued?
    • What is the market trend?
    • How does the P/E ratio compare?

While this investment opportunity indicators could be nearly endless, and may differ from person to person, I think it’s safe to say that the above-mentioned points are non-negotiables when evaluating a potential investment opportunity.

The Medipharm Labs competitive advantage

Perhaps one of the most important indicators of a long-term investment opportunity is finding a company with a great competitive advantage.  What do they offer that no one else in the market is able to match? Find a company with an unbeatable competitive advantage, and you may have found a great money-making investment.

Medipharm’s competitive advantage are many.  Among them are:

  • Medipharm Labs is the first licensed producer of cannabis oil in Canada.  This gives them a MAJOR head start to any competing companies.
  • Their “niche” focus lies in extraction and purification, making them the best option to a very detailed market, with a very large consumer base.
  • They have a modern approach to manufacturing only the purest of cannabis concentrates.  The combination of expert leadership, modern technology, and a research driven approach to CBD extraction and purification gives them the slight edge needed to maintain their market leading momentum.

Is there market potential?

The market for companies like Medipharm Labs falls under “Drug Manufacturers’” for specialty and generic drug types.  Particularly, CBD cannabis concentrates. Is there market potential?

Indicators showing the market potential for this industry lie within the fact that it’s a practically new industry.  In previous years, CBD related products were not permitted, but due to recent regulation changes in large economies like the US, all eyes are on the CBD market.

To top that off, cannabis products are statistically showing potential health improvements related to many common health concerns, scientific studies showing no addictive related side effects, and a great alternative to a vastly abused drug market; opioids.  If that doesn’t spell market potential, I don’t know what does.

Is the current share price undervalued or overvalued?

When all is said and done, a good investment opportunity is one that is purchased at a great discount.  In other words, finding a company that is undervalued with strong indicators of a bullish trend is what we’re looking for.

A great indicator of an undervalued stock is looking when a company shows a lower P/E ratio than the industry average.  In other words, if the market is paying a low price in comparison to its current earnings as related to its competition, then it is potentially undervalued.

Due to the massive attention given to the CBD market recently, nearly every company in the market has a very high P/E ratio, meaning those companies are overvalued.  Medipharm Labs, on the other hand, is new enough that market attention is not at its max, but strong enough in terms of finances, leadership and competitive advantage that it’s potential for skyrocketing stock prices is very high.

A formula for great investment opportunity

It’s hard to disagree with the facts, and that is that Medipharm Labs creates a convincing presentation of a company with huge market potential.  The market demand certainly exists, their competitive advantage is second to none in the market, and their P/E ratios in comparison to the average CBD company indicate an undervalued company.  Ready to invest?

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