Why is forex course not prevalent in HK?

It is not uncommon want to learn外匯課程. However, it is difficult to learn the complete forex training especially in hong kong. Due to forex training is not common in hong kong, it is difficult to find a teacher for teaching like this. In hong kong university, it will not providing 香港外匯課程 to hong kong student as forex training does include risk and there is also leverage on forex training. It is not uncommon to hear some student use his grant loan to do investment that’s what we want. On the other hand, forex training is not easy to learn. Once you learn it, you have to make much practice. However, it does come with lots of benefit, such as you can learn the technical analysis skills form forex training as forex training can open order in a 1 hour period. You will take lots of practice times than other financial tools, such as stock and options.

Seems that forex course does come lots of benefit, however, it does come bad side. Seems forex including platform selection, some platform is not limited from government control, it may not good for beginner to start it. For beginner, if you go in, you will find that some candle will go longer or shorter that different platform. Other may come from slipping which is you place order and final price does not match with your order price. Slipping is legal in most of country platform law. Most of people seems slipping is not good. From my point of view, slipping does have good side. If the platform does “real” slipping, normally he throws your order to bank to leverage their risk. So, a little bit slipping occur is good, it show that it is really got stp model for the operation which direct link the price to bank.

On the other hand, if a platform no slipping, it mostly show that he is fully in charge his platform and do anything he want. Some skill including play around on the candle, you may find that some candle is longer and some candle is shorter. It is highly affected the accurate of technical analytics. If the technical analytics is not accurate then why you play this game.

So choose a right platform is a first step to start your journal. Base on the above reason, hong kong is not encourage so much on forex course. However, the forex provider in hong kong is very good and have a high standard in the world. It is a good job done by our authority and providing very safe leverage for investor to play with. In the world, many countries service provider such as UK is lower that leverage in this moment. It is mainly providing 50 leverage to investor and these type of action cause many forex switch from UK to Australia. Hong kong forex course should be encourage more in hong kong as it is a first step to invest.

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